Main Features of the Portable Concrete Batch Plant

What are portable concrete batch plants, and why would your company consider buying one? These machines, also known as mobile plants, work to mix concrete aggregate just like stationary machines doe. They have many features, though, that may make them a better option for your company. You can learn more about these convenient portable concrete batch plants for sale.

Characteristics Of Portable Concrete Plant


First, these do what their name implies. They can be ported or moved wherever you need them to go. This means that your firm can bring them to many different job sites or it can take work that it could not take in the past because it is no longer limited to making concrete on the main company site. The portable batch plant for sale has trailer wheels. Hook it up and fuel up your truck to bring it wherever you want.

These portable plants can make as much hot or wet mix as the big plants can. They pour out many tons per hour and you can choose the portable machine best for you based on its output. Your construction team will have all the concrete they need to build on the site with them.


These machines do make smaller batches than stationary machines make but this is another feature, called small portable concrete batch plant.  You can have different aggregates poured and mixed to suit any need at a bridge construction site. For instance, you can pour the bridge mix and then make a mix for a walkway or road.

Quick To Set Up

These machines are quick to set up. It takes a few hours and never requires installing a foundation like the big machines do. One of the best features of portable concrete batch plants is their price in Pakistan. They are much cheaper than stationery machines but they also go wherever your work takes you so they can often prove themselves to be a bigger ROI for your firm than the big plants.

Just go online to start shopping for mobile or portable plants. The manufacturers will list photos and details of their machines clearly so it is easy to browse for a few different models before you contact a manufacturer for a quote.

YHZS75 plant

Find Plant On Your Country Or Online

You can also buy internationally. If you do not see the mobile plant you like made in your country, keep looking online. These machines can be shipped worldwide and can still save you money. They fall into the $75 thousand dollar range to start. As you can see, this can be a great, low-cost way to invest in a small mobile concrete batch plant. Try it out to see how your business does with them.

If they are right for you, you can order more and double your revenue. If they are not, you can always go back to searching for stationary batch plants. If your company makes mixes that you sell to other companies or you have a large facility, you may need to get a large, stationary machine. Ask the manufacturer if you have questions as they can help you. If your needs are specific, you may need to order a custom-made batch plant.

A portable batch plant can help your company mix concrete onsite for an affordable price. Now is the time to look into these great machines.